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Tagua Palms are native to many South American Amazons where 20% of the earth’s oxygen and an estimated 75% of our drugs and medications are derived.

it grows widely in Latin America and rainforest district.

By using the seeds after they have hardened, fallen to the ground having been naturally separated from their pod, we help prevent de-forestation.


We can also protect animals from poaching by using these “ivory nuts” as a substitute for ivory and cow horn.

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La · Tagua” was born in the Amazon from an encounter with the palm ivory.

Ivory Palm is called Tagua and also referred to as Vegetable Ivory, Natural · Palm Ivory and Ivory Nut.

While tagua was originally used to make buttons before plastic it has evolved into an alternative replacement for ivory going by various names. La Tagua uses ivory palm nuts, picked up from the ground from the Amazon jungle.

When picking up these dried fallen fruits their dense beautiful ivory like substance is revealed in about six months.

La Tagua designs are created by our experienced designer Mako whose family has been designing and creating Kimonos in Japan. Mako credits much of her design and business ideas to her Mother Tomoko who was offered the Cristian Dior design position in Japan but had to turn it down due to a family commitment to her brother.


Here at La Tagua we use the natural beauty of these gifts from nature maintaining the unique idiosyncrasies of each nut while minimizing our dependency on petrochemical plastics.

When you see tagua please enjoy and appreciate the feel, texture, energy, light weight, occasional seed skin and unique shapes that each nut design has to offer. At this moment you might notice something new or a shift in your perspective, significance and appreciation for your expression of material symbols.

Tagua can be smooth, colorful and with proper workmanship it can possess enough versatility of design to touch your heart.

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Eco – Animal – Earth – Friendly and Sustainable: “Because One Tree Saved Breathes Life into our Children’s Future”


* Organic, Vegetable base

* Only use fruits that fell to the ground without damaging trees.

* We support the local industry.

* It is used as a substitute for ivory, it protects from forest cutting and animal poaching

* We are considering not to use animal-based products (e.g. suede string) as much as possible.


toxic free

Tagua first takes three years until it germinates from seeds. It will take more than ten years until germination and fruition.

Before ripening, the seeds are gelatinous, contain moisture and become a nutrient source in the jungle of animals and birds.

While completing it’s the role, the tagua nut which fell to the ground naturally fell into the ripening stage and it was jelly-like shape will dry and become very hard.


In addition, the dye used by La Tagua uses an eco-friendly dye that is safe for the skin, environment, has been tested by Japanese scientists not to ever run or bleed when getting wet and is from "Switzerland".

We carefully select and use materials that are gentle to the skin and gentle to the touch.

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Tagua can be smooth, colorful and with proper workmanship it can possess enough versatility of design to touch your heart.

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Mako Photo_edited.jpg

Designer, creator, coordinator 


I was influenced by my parents dealing in kimono, and I am interested in color from childhood. In college, I am interested in various regions and ethnic accessories I met overseas, learn the unique design and way of making locally, start to arrange by self-study.



1994: Open "Select shop" at parents’ home.

Besides making works, sell and learn management from parents.


2003: Moved to the USA

2004:  Through South America travel  I met "ivory palm". Then spend four years on ivory palm quality as a material and on the field of Colombia in South America for design exploration.


2007: Launched La Tagua (La Tagua), an accessory brand made from ivory palm in Hawaii, USA.


2008: Introducing La Tagua in Japan Sales development centering on short term events.


2010: Moved the base of the United States from Hawaii State to Florida State near South America and start full-fledged activities as La Tagua Inc. in the USA. Actively participate in events etc. based on two small Florida dealers. It is introduced in the local press etc.


2011: actively participate in the art show, craft show at USA. Praise for color and quality while introducing unusual materials to local people.


  Show Schedule  

Tagua can be smooth, colorful and with proper workmanship it can possess enough versatility of design to touch your heart.

The Sanibel SCA Art Festival January

January 18,19, 2019

At: Sanibel  Community House

Sanibel Island , FL

The Art Festival at Mercato January

January 26 and 27 ,2019

The Mercato Shops/North Naples Florida

Bonita Springs Invitational at The Promenade February

February 23 and 24 ,2019

At : The Promenade at Bonita bay/ Bonita springs, FL

Peace River National Art Festival March

Martch 16 and 17 , 2019

Laishley Park/ Punta Gorda Florida

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Estero, FL

Tel: 808-366-4324(Contact: Ken)


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